About Us


The prevalence of fraud today is reaching epidemic levels. The Federal Trade Commission reports that one in seven Americans are victims of fraud every year. Maine, with its aging population, rising healthcare costs, and economic uncertainty, is a fertile market for fraud in its many forms. Many of these crimes go unreported because victims "feel ashamed, or they fear others will think they cannot care for themselves, which may trigger placement in a nursing home or long-term care facility."1

Anyone can be a victim of fraud. The challenge is having a first line of defense and an expert to turn to when faced with potential fraudulent activities. 

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Who We Are

In July 2012, a group of Maine businesses, organizations and municipalities came together to stand against fraud. The Maine Fraud Prevention Alliance is committed to educating and protecting the public by providing tools for recognizing and defending against fraud. The Alliance’s DASH program was designed as four simple preventative measures to act as the first line of defense against fraud.

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Our Mission 

The mission of the Maine Fraud Prevention Alliance is to raise awareness about fraud and the ways consumers can protect themselves from becoming victims of fraudulent activity in the State of Maine. The Alliance strives to be a leader in fraud prevention through the distribution of educational resources, community outreach and statewide collaborative strategies through its diverse membership.

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