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Maine Voices: Don’t wait to be a data breach victim – take preventive measures now
04/21/15 - Steps such as shredding mail and monitoring credit card statements can keep online predators at bay.

MPBN Maine Calling: Cyber Security and On-Line Fraud
02/10/14 - A panel of experts discussed cyber security lapses, which seem to be more common... and what consumers can do to protect their financial information.

Two more businesses join Maine’s fight against fraud and identity theft
01/06/14 - The Maine Fraud Prevention Alliance recently welcomed two new members: Franklin Savings Bank and Maine Identity Services.

Maine Fraud Prevention Alliance Expands and Launches New Website in Preparation for Maine Seniors Day
09/12/13 -

Maine Fraud Prevention Alliance Brings Protection to the People Attorney General William Schneider joined the Alliance as they announced their formation and unveiled the DASH Fraud program
10/03/12 - One in seven Americans is a victim of fraud each year. This morning, a group of Maine businesses, nonprofit organizations, and law enforcement agencies announced the formation of the Maine Fraud Prevention Alliance.