What is DASH?

Prevention is pivotal to stopping fraud, and in many cases the tools and methods are right at our fingertips. The Alliance created the DASH Fraud program as an easy reminder of four simple preventive measures:

Delete unsolicited emails. NO financial services company will ask for personal information via email. If the email is about someone in trouble, call a mutual friend or a relative to confirm. And, never click on links. Go directly to websites by typing in the known address.

Ask for permits from door-to-door salespeople. Anyone involved in transient selling must have a permit. If in question, call your local municipality or authorities. And, never let them into your house to wait while you call.

Shred personal information/documents and junk mail. Would you want the wrong person to get a hold of your address or social security number? Of course not. Shred anything and everything that may contain personal or confidential information including pre-approved credit offers and prize offerings. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Hang-up unsolicited calls. Many calls involve claiming a prize, sending money, or confirming personal information. If you think it is legitimate, get the name of the company, the phone number, and research. Never give personal information to a stranger.

Having these reminders- by the phone or posted on the fridge-provides a first line of defense against fraud. If the criminals can’t get to you, they can’t defraud you.

Download your guide to DASH Fraud here